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Signs & Depth Markers

S1 CPR Sign S2 Danger Sign S3 No Jumping No Diving
No Running Sign

S4 No Running Sign


Depth Markers

1 DMP301 2 DMP302 3 DMP303 4 DMP304
Depth Marker 1.0M approx (150 x 150 mm) Depth Marker 1.1M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
Depth Marker 1.2M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
Depth Marker 1.3M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
5 DMP305 6 DMP306 7 DMP307 8 DMP308
Depth Marker 1.4M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
Depth Marker 1.5M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
Depth Marker 1.6M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
Depth Marker 1.7M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
9 DMP309 10 DMP310 11 DMP311  
Depth Marker 1.8M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
Depth Marker 1.9M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
Depth Marker 2.0M approx
(150 x 150 mm)
12 DMP312 Depth Sign Shallow End (400 x 140 mm) 13 DMP313 Depth Sign Deep End (400 x 140 mm)
14 13009 Bostik Titan Bond Plus - 24ml

Bostik Titan Bond Plus is a two part high performance, solvent-free epoxy adhesive which provides a very strong bond for wet or dry surfaces.

Titan Bond Plus bonds to ABS, PVC, acrylic, steel, copper, galvanised metal, aluminium, ceramics, concrete, glass, fibreglass, wood and plastic composites. Can be applied
under water and has a high bond strength as both an adhesive and as a gap filler.

Depth markers are :
• Screen printed on white plastic with Blue print
• Depth Marker Size 150 mm x 150 mm
• Deep and Shallow size 400 mm x 140 mm
• Sticks and sets underwater
• Strong bond for wet and dry surfaces
• Suitable for salt and chlorine pools

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