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Jet-Vac Automatic Pool Cleaners

Jet-Vac Pool Cleaner

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Reduced the time spent cleaning your pool with our Jet-Vac Automatic Pool Cleaner

Jet-Vac is a pressure driven pool cleaner and is characterised by its large intake throat capable of collecting large debris.

Operating for just 2-3 hours per day, the Jet-Vac cleaner cleans your pool quickly and thoroughly. Powered by the Aqua-Quip booster pump Jet-Vac is ideal for heavy leaf loads that other cleaning systems leave behind.

There’s virtually nothing this cleaner can’t swallow. The huge 115mm throat picks up twigs, large leaves, dirt, even golf balls and goggles! Large capacity bag compacts up to 3.5 litres of rubbish.

Jet-Vac features automatic forward/reverse cycles to ensure complete pool coverage on any surface without getting stuck in corners. Jet-Vac requires a dedicated plumbing line and is powered by the Aqua-Quip Booster Pump, is not a suction cleaner that plugs into your skimmer box clogging baskets and hampering effective filtration. It works from the pressure supplied from the booster pump and only needs to run 2-3 hours per day.

If you’re building a pool and are undecided on which pool cleaner to choose then at least make sure your pool is plumbed with a provision for this “Rolls Royce” of automatic pressure pool cleaners.


  • Huge 115mm throat
  • Large capacity bag compacts up to 3.5Ltr of rubbish
  • Automatic forward/reverse cycles
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Codes Descriptions Codes Descriptions
LJV 041 JVW1A Wall Fitting Complete W/ADJ LJV 042 JVW2 Strainer Screen for JVW1A
LJV 002 JV2 Venturi Shell LJV 055 JV2B Deflector Plate Assy
LJV 001 JV3 Adaptor LJV 003 JV4 Shell Float
LJV 054 JV4B Float Cover Button Kit LJV 004 JV5 Bottom Plate
LJV 046 JVD5 Swivel LJV 051 JV6 Pin (for Bottom Plate)
LJV 005 JV7 Gear LJV 047 JVF7 O-Ring
LJV 006 JV8 Propellor LJV 007 JV9 Spacer
LJV 060 JVG10 Screw LJV 008 JV11 O-Ring (Shell)
LJV 011 JV14 Nose Wheel Hub LJV 012 JV15 Stainless Steel Wheel
LJV 045 JVD15P Mender Nut - Plastic LJV 063 JV16 S/Steel Wheel Hub
LJV 013 JV17 Pusher Jet Nozzle LJV 014 JV18 O-Ring
LJV 015 JV19 Pusher Jet Nozzle Holder LJV 069 JV20 O-Ring For JVW22
LJV 016 JV21 Wheel LJV 017 JV22 Wheel Hub
LJV 064 JVW22 Bayone Wall Fitting Complete LJV 068 JV23 Quick Disconnect Adaptor
LJV 065 JV24 Strainer Screen for JVW22 LJV 070 JVLL25 Pressure Release Assembly - Red
LJV 056 JV28 Quck Disconnect 16MM LJV 053 JV29 Gasket for Funnel Adaptor
LJV 018 JV30 Funnel Adaptor LJV 019 JV31 Mesh Bag W/Lock Ring
LJV 020 JV32A Fine Bag W/Lock Ring LJV 048 LG35B Bearing
LJV 058 JV40 Screw LJV 022 JV42 Nut
LJV 023 JV43 Screw LJV 661 JV43S Screw
LJV 024 JV44 Screw (Pusher Jet) LJV 026 JV46 Screw (Bottom Plate)
LJV 646 JV46S Screw LJV 027 JV48 Screw (Back Wheels)
LJV 649 JV49 Tail Mender LJV 028 JV50 Disconnect Swivel
LJV 031 JV52 Sweep Hose Complete LJV 032 JV53 Hose Sleeve
LJV 033 JV54 Roller Ring LJV 034 JV55 Hose Jet Collar
LJV 035 JV56 Hose Jet LJV 036 JV57 Feed Hose Float
LJV 057 JV61 Lock Washer LJV 037 JV62 Side Wheel Complete
LJV 039 JV64 Side Wheel LJV 611 JV70 Brass Weight - Large
LJV 613 JV71 Brass Weight Kit (2 x Small) LLP 058 JV501 Starter Hose (White)
LJV 029 JV502 Feed Hose 1st Section (Dark Blue) LJV 030 JV503 Feed Hose 2nd Section (Light Blue)

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Related Products

Flow Control Timer

DCC240 Flow Control Timer

Flow Control Timer Brochure

Flow Control Timer Installation Guide

Aquaquip Flow Control Timer

The Aquaquip Flow Control Timer Centre synchronises the Booster Pump's operation with the pool pump featuring a delay timer build-in override function. Simply set it and forget it.

The Aquaquip Flow Control Timer Centres are designed to give you complate automatic control of your booster-driven pool cleaning system. The delay timer provides power to the booster pump 15 min after pool pump is activated.

The Aquaquip Flow Control Timer elimiates the possibility of the booster pump running dry of water as a result of incorrect synchronisation with the pool pump.

  • It helps to reduce wear and tear on the pool cleaner and saves expensive pump repairs
  • Saves power consumption by limiting the operation hours of the booster pump
  • The Aquaquip Flow Control Timer can be user for a variety of applications where water flow is required to switch on an auxillary electrical device
  • The Aquaquip Flow Control Timer with its intergrated flow switch is significantly more reliable and much simplier than installing two seperate time clocks
  • Latest technology provides better pump protection and resolves all the problems with earlier generation models
  • Aquaquip's 2 year warranty provides the user ultimate peace of mind. Specify when ordering if 40mm or 50mm Faucet Tee is required.
  • 2.4m flow switch sensor is 2.4m long
  • Flow control box power cable is 1.8m long and should be plugged directly into a constant 240v power outlet
  • Flow switch has a 3/4" BSP thread and screw into a Cat 21 Faucet Tee

Booster Pump

Booster Pump Brochure

Booster Pump Parts & Code

Aqua-Quip Booster Pump operates on all pressure-driven pool cleaner system.

Compact and simple to install, the Aqua-Quip Booster Pump operates quietly and is the perfect partner for the Jet-Vac and other pressure pool cleaners. The robust and reliable design ensures a long life with minimal maintenance. Operates all other pressure side pool cleaners. Designed to suit rigid PVC connections with barrel unions or flexible hose.

Booster pump can only operate whilst the main pool pump is running.

  • 40mm barel, fix PVC
  • Flexible pumping option ideal for confied spaces
Order Codes & Descriptions Go To Spare Parts
Codes Descriptions Codes Descriptions
LJP001 LA021-5 Impellor LJP002 LA05-5 Brass Shaft Extension
LJP003 LA11-5 Bolt – Volute LJP004 LA12-5 Nut – Volute
LJP005 LA41-5 O-Ring – Volute LJP006 LA13-5 Bolt – Motor
LJP009 LA39-5 Volute (Face Palte) LJP010 LA49-5D PVC Fitting Kit (suction and discharge)
APP013 LA06-5 Pump Shaft Sleeve LJP013 LA385 Drain Plug
LJP014 LA375 O-Ring for Drain Plug LJP015 LA41 Pump Stand - New Style
LJP017 LA295 Seal Plate APP009 Mechanical Seal Assembly
APP079 Impellor O-Ring LJP012 Flexi Plumbing Kit (suction and discharge)
BPF001 34010 Valve Adaptor 40mm x 25mm thread QPF037 36590 Barrel Union 40mm
MIS012 1432 S/Steel Clamp MIS013 1925 Threaded Director
MIS 022 NT2519 1” Nut and 19mm Tail MIS 023 N2525 Nipple 1”
LJP021 LA13-6 Bolt – Stand / Motor BPF002 34270 Faucet Adaptor 40mm x 25mm
MIS028 WPH900-19 White Flexi Hose 90cm    

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