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Automatic, Silent, Systematic, Programmed Cleaning.
The virtually invisible QuikClean Cleaning Heads are strategically located and built-in flush throughout the floor, steps and benches of your pool and spa. The speed adjustable QuikClean Water Valve directs water to a set of two or more cleaning heads which pop-up and send a stream of filtered, treated water across the floor and walls of your pool. The activated Cleaning Heads sweep dirt and debris into suspension to be removed through the pool skimmer and main drain to the filter. The QuikClean Water valve will then automatically direct water to the next set of Cleaning Heads. The previously activated Cleaning Heads will return flush with the floor of the pool while rotating to the next programmed position. This activation of Cleaning Heads will continue as long as the pool filtration system is operating.

Individually Factory Designed for Your Pool.
Cleaning Heads are strategically located by QuikClean factory personnel for your individual pool. They are placed so that the entire pool will be addressed with overlapping jet streams of filtered, sanitized water. In about an hour every square of your pool’s interior area will be swept...quickly, effectively and economically.

All You See is the Clean.
QuikClean is silent, and nearly invisible while it cleans and thoroughly circulates filtered water
throughout your entire pool and spa. And with no unsightly robots or hoses interfering with the
beautiful pool designed to enhance your backyard...all you see is the clean.

And it's the only built-in cleaning system with a "complete" guarantee.

• Pressure safe...guaranteed
• No periodic product maintenance...guaranteed
• No screens to clean...guaranteed
• Lifetime limited warranty

Benefits of QuikClean Infloor Cleaning System

• Automatic patented cleaning & circulating system
• Virtually invisible
• No unsightly robots or hoses
• Efficient chemical & heat distribution to reduce monthly operating costs.
• Systems available for concrete, fibreglass and vinyl pools

Limited Lifetime Warranty

QuikClean Infloor Cleaning System is proudly guaranteed by our plain-language, easy-to-understand Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Ask your Authorized QuikClean Dealer for complimentary copy of our Product Warranty.


Convenience. No Periodic Maintenance... Guaranteed.
That’s right. Unlike older-style cleaners, there is no periodic maintenance necessary for your QuikClean System. None. No internal or external screens to clean and clean and clean. We think you’ve better things to do than clean your cleaning system. Don’t you agree?

Convenience. Pressure-Safe and User Friendly... Guaranteed.
QuikClean is engineered to remain pressure-safe without the need for older-style external, mechanical, pressure relief devices. And QuikClean is user friendly. It requires absolutely no tools to disassemble the Water Valve and cleaning heads may be removed and installed from
the deck.

Convenience. Nothing to Remove and Replace...And Remove and Replace...

QuikClean adds built-in permanence and value to your pool. There is never anything to
remove and replace...and remove and replace and remove and with older-style
add-on, hose-end robot cleaners. That means your beautiful pool will stay beautiful, safe and
easy to enjoy.

Convenience. Just Swim and Enjoy... Guaranteed.
Your pool is always ready when you are. There’s never a chance of bumping into unsightly robots or disrupting your pool cleaning and circulation times. Just plunge right in. Anytime. And, as an added convenience you can simply use the QuikStop control to allow constant filtering without the cleaning heads popping up.



  A clean, healthy swimming pool is one with proper water circulation. QuikClean offers what we call Total Circulation that distributes sanitized, filtered, cleaning water throughout the entire pool. This elimates “dead-spots” that can cause algae growth while boosting effective savings on chemical usage. Whether heated with gas, propane, electric or by the natural rays of the sun, QuikClean’s Total Circulation automatically disperses the heated water at the bottom of the pool, where it is the most energy efficient, to evenly warm your pool and eliminate uncomfortable cold layering. It saves on the cost of heating and also helps to extend your swimming season.

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