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Astral Pool / Hurlcon

Splash Pool Accessories


Astral Air Switch Controller

Code No. of outlets Clock Power Code In Outlet 1 Outlet 2
10980 Single - 10Amp 10Amp -
10981 Dual - 10Amp 10Amp 10Amp
10985 Single Yes 10Amp 10Amp -
10955 Dual Yes 10Amp 10Amp 10Amp
10986 Dual Yes 15Amp 10Amp 10Amp
10987 Dual - 15Amp 10Amp 10Amp
10996 Single - 15Amp 15Amp -
10998 Dual Yes 15Amp 15Amp -
10997 Single Yes 25Amp 15Amp 10Amp

12 Months Warranty


The Hurlcon dual air switch is designed to operate a pump and auxiliary appliance (light, blower, additional pump etc.). It provides an automatic filtration and temperature maintenance facility, and allows the spa user to operate the pump and auxiliary from the spa via air switch buttons which are connected tot e controller by air tube.

The controller has an integral time clock, (for temperature and filtration maintenance), and 3 pin 10 amp plug. Hurlcon controllers may utilize two different brands of time clocks. The “Lagrand” timeclock has two position “on” and “timeclock” operation switch located at the top right of the clock. The “Gasslin” timeclock has a 3 position “off”, “auto”, and “on” switch located at the bottom left of the switch.

Air switch buttons must be purchased separately. The time clock (if included) may be programmed to turn the pump on and off several times each day. Automatic heaters will also start once the pump is started by the time clock and reheat the spa to the desired temperature.

The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm person without supervision. Please ensure that young children are supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

The controller should be securely mounted out of direct sunlight and rain, and within 10 meters of the spa. Air tube that’s run over a greater distance, may not operate the air sensors within the controller, satisfactorily.
Pump and Auxiliary 3 pin sockets are located on the under side of the control unit. The pump socket is the left socket as you look at the controller.

Air switch tubes must be connected to the nipples on the side of the controller as shown in the diagram below. The tubes must never contain moisture, as this will cause the controller to malfunction. Air switch tubes can safely be run for a distance up to approximately 10 meters. Tubes should be run through conduit wherever possible.

The time clock Perspex cover should remain in place at all times during operation of the unit.

The Auto/manual switch should be left in the auto position (down). This will allow the controller to turn the pump on and off as set on the time clock. The pump may also be turned on via the pump air switch button at any time.

The Auxiliary air switch will not be turned on by the time clock – this is operated solely by the auxiliary air switch button.

There are two modes of operating the pump – automatic and manual. The automatic/manual override switch is found on the face of the time clock. Generally, this switch should be left in the middle (automatic) position to achieve daily filtration and temperature maintenance of your spa pool. The up position turns the pump on and leaves t on. The down position turns the timeclock off.

Automatic pump operation – When left in the automatic position the time clock will automatically start the pump at the times you select. If you choose to operate the pump outside the selected time clock hours, simply press the pump air switch button. To return to time clock operation, turn the pump off at the air switch.

Auxiliary – The auxiliary air switch can be operated by the air switch button at any time independently of the time clock, pump and heater.

Setting the Clock – Time clock setting are adjustable in 15minute periods. As a new unit, all the tabs will set in the off position which is pushed towards the centre of the clock. To change the clock so the pump will run during certain hours, slide the tab for the time period required in the outwards direction. To test the settings, manually turn the clock and you should be able to hear the equipment turning on and off.

To turn the pump on without using the air switch button simply remove the time clock cover and turn the automatic/manual switch to Manual (I position). The pump will then operate independent of the time clock and air switch functions. To return to air switch or time clock operation of the pump simply turn the switch back to Automatic. Always replace the time clock cover.

The auxiliary air switch facilities will continue to operate when the pump is in manual override, however the pump air switch is made in-operative.


Your Air Switch Controller is covered by a 12 month warranty against defective parts or manufacture.
Should a fault occur your controller should be returned freight prepaid to you nearest Hurlcon office for repair or replacement at our option.

Warranty does not cover damage through accident, misuse, negligence or incorrect installation. Hurlcon assumes no liability for consequential damages.

Commercial Installation
On Commercial Installations, such as health clubs, motels/hotels and hydrotherapy, parts and in field labour warranty (within capital city metropolitan areas or 20km radius of authorised service agents) is 12 months from the date of purchase plus 30 days.


Code Spare Part Descripton
20001 Air Sensor - Latching
20002 Circuit Board Air Switch - Dual
20003 Circuit Board Air Switch - Single
20004 Enclosure Box - Air Switch
20005 Timeclock
20006 Socket - 3 pin / 10 amp
20009 Tube - Air Switch
20010 Wiring Loom Air Switch Complete
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