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Skimmer Parts & Accessories

1 BHS376 2 5152750 3 5151900 4 5151400
Baker Hydro Vac Plate Plug & Cord (Genuine) Control Plate SK1000 Weir Door (Genuine) Door Stop SK1000 Skimmer Box (Genuine) Weir Door Hinge SK1000 Skimmer Box (Genuine)
5 5315400 6 5316000 7 5161400 8 5161200
Latch Assembly Quiptron Pack of 2 (Genuine) Quiptron Skimmer Door Buffer (Genuine) SK950 Plug and O ring 50mm (Genuine)
No Longer Available
SK950 Plug & O Ring 40mm
No Longer Available
9 20642 10 62412 11 20208 12 20643
Poolrite Weir Door Clip Set of 2 (Genuine) Waterco Weir Door Clip Set of 2 (Genuine) Poolrite Rubber Weir Stop (Genuine) Poolrite Sliding Gate (Genuine)
13 20494 14 1411 15 20656 16 20650
Poolrite Main Drain Plug (Genuine) Poolrite Auto Control Valve (Genuine) Poolrite Main Drain Control Plug (Genuine)
No Longer Available
Poolrite Skimmer Basket S1800 Cap (Genuine)
17 62416 18 62404 19 AXSM006 20 AXSM003
Waterco Weir Door Stop (Genuine) Waterco Skimmer Box Plug 40mm (Genuine) Paramount Skimmer Box Rubber Buffer (Genuine) Paramount Adjustable Slide Skim Body (Genuine)
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21 AXSM004          
Paramount Skimmer Body Flow Adjuster (Genuine)         Return to Parts List


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