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Emerkit Retail NEW Blister Pack 10gm
Emerkit NEW Plastic Tub of 8 pairs White 1.2kg
Emerkit Corkit Aqua 114g Single Tube in Displays of 12

Aqua Corkit® is a two-part epoxy compound in a single stick form and secures permanent repairs in wet or damp conditions. Corkit® will adhere to a wide range of surfaces for fast permanent repairs often eliminating expensive repairs. Aqua Corkit® is to repair pools, wooden boat decks and hulls, fittings, pipes, electrical connections, battery cases, scratches, cuts, gouges and holes.

• 10 Minute work time
• Resistant up to 150°C
• Drill, Sand, Paint, Machine
• Will not run or drip

Repair, Build, Seal, Fill, Bond
Concrete, Fibreglass, Metals, Aluminium, Glass, Timber, Most Rigid Plastics

SEALS - Leaks in swimming pools, tiles, bathrooms, roofs windows, troughs, tanks, pipes, fuel tanks
ELECTRICAL - Highly insultative. Will insulate leads water tight. Repairs plugs, ttings, electric fence components and connections.
MOULDABLE - Remake broken parts, handles, patterns, moulds, grout, repairs antiques & ceramics. Can be machined and painted


• Easy 1:1 Mix
• Water Clean-up
• Moulds into virtually any shape
• Sets in or out of water, inc. salt water
• Available in white or black
• Zero shrinkage, Insert when set
• Withstands temperatuers to 150°C
• non-conductive
• Will not run or drip
• Sets like Concrete
• Drill, Tap, Machine, Paint
• NZ made since 1967
• Tensile Strength 10.5 MPA
• Compressive Strength 82 MPA


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