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Genie Jet

  Description Code   • Simple installation by inserting the GENIE JET in the hose and turning on the cold water to full force which will allow the GENIE JET to expand and lock itself. The powerful pulsating jets of water will then loosen and flush blockage away!
• Can be used on a variety of places such as bath tubs, bathroom sinks and showers.
• 40mm and 50mm sizes available.
  suits 50mm Pipe GJT855  
  suits 40mm Pipe GJT961  
Instructions for GENIE JET ( Model GJT961 & GJT855)
For use in bathroom sinks, bathtubs, showers & swimming pools.

Other instructions:
• Recommended water pressure is 40 – 80 psi.
• The most efficient way to clear most drains is through the clean-out plug on the outside of your home, or the roof vent closest to the clogged area. When opening your clean-out cap, if water comes out, you should enter at this point. If there is no water then enter through fixture.
• Store GENIE JET in a dark cool place.

Please keep in mind the following:
• There is a 1 year warranty on defective parts and workmanship of product.
• GENIE JET uses no hazardous chemicals.
• NEVER use in toilets, half in and half out of pipes, or where chemicals are present.
• For questions or to contact us please call our GENIE JET Help Line at 0418 116 530

1. Connect GENIE JET to hose.

2. Insert GENIE JET as far as possible into drain line opening closest to clogged area (minimum of 4 feet).

3. Turn cold water slowly to full force (DO NOT use hot water). GENIE JET will expand and lock itself in pipe. Powerful pulsating jets of water will loosen and flush blockage down the drain. Note: If pulsations are not noticeable it may be because your water pressure is high and the pulsations are too frequent to hear or see. This does not affect the function nor the effectiveness of your GENIE JET.

4. To remove GENIE JET, turn off water and loosen hose coupling at faucet. GENIE JET will deflate and can be removed from pipe.


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