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Main Drain Covers

1 5318100 2 801016 3 5318000 4 U0178
Onga Dress Ring & Cover Fibreglass White Onga New Dega Main Drain Cover
Domed White
Onga Quiptron Main Drain Dress Ring
with Cover White only
QuikClean Main Drain Lid &
Ring White
5 29303 6 29307 7 D1650 8 1504 & 20602
Waterco Main Drain Cover &
Dress Ring White
Waterco Main Drain Cover
Dress Ring Brown
Anti Vortex Cover & Screws 1504 Poolrite Main Drain Cover
20602 Poolrite Main Drain Dress Ring
9 D1652 10 D1661 11 MDC209 12 RPR-16
Main Drain Cover & Screws D1656 Supa Size Main Drain Cover comes with
Screws & Cover White
Universal Main Drain
Ring & Cover White
Main Drain Cover Multi Fit 175mm
13 D1620 14 SPX1053B    
Greese Plate HRV with O Ring Hayward Grate 7 1/4 inch O/D
Crest Pin Style (SP1030)
A MDC365 Main Drain Cover Fibreglass White B MDC465 Main Drain Cover Black
No Longer Available
C MDC475 Main Drain Cover Blue D MDC485 Main Drain Cover White
E MDC495 Main Drain Cover Beige F MDC500 Main Drain Cover suit Dega Concrete Weighted White 295mm
G MDCBL Main Drain Cover Large suit Dega Main Drain Blue
(No Longer Available)
H MDCDW Main Drain Cover Large suit Dega Main Drain
Fibreglass White 295mm
(No Longer Available)
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