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Pump Lids

1 APP001 154mm 2 SP402   3 635083 111mm 4 635051 133mm
American Eagle Pool Pump Lid 392002 AquaMaxi Pump Lid Series 400 Aquamite Pump Lid Aquastream, Aquaswim, Supastram Pool Pump Lid
5 634000 151mm 6 40087 138mm 7 40089 179mm 8 4405010702  
Aquaswim 50T, Supatuf,
Hydrostorm Pool Pump Lid
Astral CTX Pump Lid Astral CTX Pump Lid Assembly Astral Sprint/Victoria Pool
Pump Lid & O Ring Set
9 89100   10 9171-30 151mm 11 13620 210mm 12 11342-10 118mm
Compu Powerstorm Pump Lid (Genuine) Davey Pool Pump Lid Davey SLS Pump Lid & O Ring Davey XB Pump Lid
13 AXPU063 148mm 14 Z8201 228mm 15 SPX3100D 150mm 16 SPX1500D2A 142mm
Dominator Pool Pump Lid GT Pump Lid
(Handle to Handle: 270mm)
Hayward Pool Pump Lid Series II Hayward Powerflo Pump Lid
comes with O Ring
17 SPX3000D 130mm 18 SP1600D 137 x 155 19 40086 200mm 20 40085 171mm
Hayward Super II Pump Lid
Wing Nut Style
Hayward Super Pool Pump Lid SPX1600D Hurlcon BX Pump Lid Hurlcon Hair & Lint Pot Lid
21 634082 148mm 22 116422 188mm 23 SPX1250LA 100mm 24 APP019 127mm
Hydrostorm Plus Pump Lid Jetflow Pump Lid, Lock Ring & O Ring (Genuine) Max-Flo Pool Pump Lid Maxim Pump Lid 391011
25 S6574   26 5142600 150mm 27 502140   28 800897K 171mm
Monster/ Power Plus Pool Pump
Hair & Lint Pot Lid
No Longer Available
Onga Bronze & C.I. Pump Lid Onga MP PP16 Series Pump Lid
No Longer Available
Onga Pump Lid 400/600 comes with O Ring
29 AXPU022 190mm 30 355301 150mm 31 20699 185mm 32 20572 241mm
Paramount Premier
Hair & Lint Pot Lid
Pinnacle Pump Lid - Only Poolrite Enduro & Supaflow Pool Pump Lid Poolrite Pool Pump Pin Series Lid
OD of the Top Lid (middle): 190mm
OD of the bottom Lid (middle): 160mm
33 Z4133 170mm 34 E11000506 140mm 35 E1000010424 152mm 36 S6066 148mm
Poolstore Pool Peries VB Series Lid Silent Pump Lid MKll Genuine Silent Pool Pump Lid New Style Spa Quip Turbo Scorpio Pool Pump Lid
37 SPL040 100mm 38 SPA051   39 SPL90 178mm 40 SPL50 132mm
Speck Pump Lid 40 Series 2 Bolt Speck Magic Pool Pump Lid Plate Speck Pool Pump 90 Series Lid Speck Pump Lid 2 Bolt
41 SP901S 125mm 42 SRC3-185P 180mm 43 SRC3-139PI 170mm 44 4603700 148mm
Speck Pump Lid Plate Series 90 STA-Rite Dura Class II Pool Pump Lid STA-Rite Pool Pump Lid
Series Spra5E, F
Stroud Pump Lid
Hair & Lint Pot No Hole
45 5190700 150mm 46 E11000002 200mm 47 62150 210mm 48 357151 148mm
Super Pool Pump Lid Typhoon Pump Lid Weir & Astron Sand Filter Lid
Series 650
Whisperflo Pump Lid

49 PLR01
Pump Lid Removing Tool
No Longer Available

50A 32429 - Lid Assembly Suit Davey Pool Pump SLL Series

50B 13441-1 - Case Nut
- Large SLS Requires 1 Case Nut
- Large SLL Requires 2

50C 12845-10 - Case Nut
- Small SLS Requires 2
Case Nut - Small SLL Requires 1

50D 13563 - Davey SLL Pump Lid & O Ring

50E 13620 - Davey SLS Pump Lid & O Ring

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