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Safety Suctions

1 453496 2 453497 3 453498
Safety Suction Slip Fit Fitting
40mm White Compliant
Safety Suction Slip Fit Fitting
50mm White Complaint
Safety Suction Threaded Fitting
40mm White Compliant
4 453499 5 ASF523 6 ASF085GY
Safety Suction Threaded Fitting
50mm White Compliant

Safety Suction with Back Nut White 40mm

Safety Suction 40mm Grey Threaded
No Longer Available
7 ASF086W 8 ASF480 9 1058500
Safety Suction 40mm
Internal White Threaded 50mm
No Longer Available
Supa Suction Threaded 40mm White Spa Suction 40mm White Threaded
No Longer Available
10 1058900 11 D1504 12 D1500W
Suction Quickfit White 40mm
No Longer Available - Refer item 10 D1504
Safety Suction 40mm White Slip Fit Safety Suction Cover only White
13 D1551 14 D1554 15 640-8270
Safety Suction Threaded
50mm White
Safety Suction 50mm Slip Fit White Waterway 6ins Safety Suction 40mm
Push In White Flow Rate in Wall 291 lpm
16 SE9BK 17 SE9C 18 SE9GY
Spa or Solar Suction Push In Black
40mm Compliant
Spa or Solar Suction Push In Clear
40mm Compliant
Spa or Solar Suction Push In Grey
40mm Compliant
19 SE9W 20 SE10BK 21 SE10C
Spa or Solar Suction Push In White
40mm Compliant
Suction Push in 50mm Black Compliant Spa or Solar Suction Push In Clear
50mm Compliant
22 SE10W 23 SE11BK 24 SE11W
Spa or Solar Suction Push In
50mm White
Spa Suction 40mm Threaded Black Spa Suction Threaded 40mm White
25 SE708W 26 ASF080 27 ASF080GY
Aerator 50mm White Spa Strip Skimmer Swing Gate White 40mm Spa Strip Skimmer Grey Slide Gate 40mm
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Spa Strip Skimmer White Slide Gate 40mm Vack Lock White  


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