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Brands Available

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Water Witch Water Leveller

The Water witch is an electronic automatic water levelling device. Water Witch senses the level of the water in your pool or spa with a unique and patented sensor. Water Witch is installed at the time of pool construction (retro-fit is NOT possible), and the sensor is set to detect the right water level for your particular pool design.

When the tiny floating trigger in the sensor detects a low water level in your pool or spa, the electronic control commands a solenoid operated water valve to begin a “top-up” operation.

Once the pool or spa water level reaches the right level again, the control commands the water valve to shut off.

The control unit has three indicator lights, so you always know what’s happening. Water Witch is extremely reliable with no moving parts - except the small trigger which floats up and down on the water.

Water Witch has three components. Easy to install. Easy to check. Should your Water Witch ever need service, and that’s unlikely, that’s easy too.

Control Box:
Co-ordinates the above items with visual indicators of status shown in diagram below.

Levelling Sensor:
Our patented leveling sensor designed to fit into 40mm class 9 pipe.

Solenoid Unit:
Solenoid with indicator arrow that controls the flow of water.

Control Box  
Levelling Sensor Solenoid Unit  
Code Descriptions  
  • Suitable for all types of swimming pools, spas and pond applications
  • Operates at 240AC
  • Approved for Indoor and Outdoor use
WS310 Water Witch 5 metre Sensor  
WS311 Water Witch 20 metre Sensor  
WS312 Water Witch 30 metre Sensor  
WS314 Water Witch 45 metre Sensor  

When light is on status is as follows:

ON - Unit Operating

SENSE - In Sense mode waiting for drop in water

FILL - The unit has switched on the solenoid after
sensing low water and is filling the pool


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pools & spas can it be used on?
TheWater Witch is suitable for all types of swimming pools, spas or pond applications. The main control box can be mounted up to 30 metres away from the water, as the sensors come with up to 30 metre length cables. In its most simple form of installation you can just mount the sensor at the water's edge and as the water level moves up and down the unit will detect this and take the appropriate action. For new pool installations you have a 40mm PVC pipe installed during the construction phase for the sensor to fit into, and one for the water supply.

Balance Tank installations:
TheWater Witch sensor and detection circuitry mean that it is ideal for balance tanks.

What power supply is required?

The unit operates on 240AC (Normal home supply).

Can the control box be mounted outdoors? YES!
TheWater Witch is approved for indoor and outdoor use. It has been designed and approved for outdoor weather conditions, although care should be taken when choosing a location for the unit to avoid excessive moisture.

Can it be installed after a pool is built?

Each situation is different. If you would like more information on whether the unit will fit your specific pool or spa, contact Rainbow Pool Products.

How does Water Witch control water flow?
TheWater Witch has very flexible control settings. It can be adjusted to allow for pools as small as spas, or set to suit large commercial pools. No matter how big your pool or how small your spa,Water Witch will maintain your water level constant, without you worrying at all.

Can I install this unit on an above ground pool? YES!
But only if the style of the pool uses a skimmer box attached to the side of the pool! This allows a mounting point for the water level sensor unit. If you are unsure contact Rainbow Pool Products for advise on the suitability of your pool.

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