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Onga-Quiptron Main Drain

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Brands Available

1 Adjustable Floor Inlet
Main Drain

2 Anti Vortex - Double Outlet Main Drain

3 Anti Vortex - Single Outlet Main Drain

4 Astral Pool / Hurlcon
Main Drain

5 AVSC Main Drain

6 Dega Main Drain

7 Grease Plate HRV
Main Drain

8 Onga - Quiptron
Main Drain

9 Paramount Main Drain

10 Poolrite Main Drain

11 Poolstore Main Drain

12 QuickClean Main Drain

13 Waterco Main Drain

Onga Quiptron Hydrostatic Relief Valve Assembly

Code Description Diagrame Number   Code Description Diagrame Number
5318000 Main Drain Dress Ring with Cover White only 1   5317300 Cover (Included with Items 2 & 3) 1
5317900 Quiptron Main Drain Body Hydro Valve only 2   5318000 Main Drain Dress Ring with Cover White only 2
5163900 Quiptron Main Drain Body Pilot Tube
3   5318100 Dress Ring (Vinyl or Fibre Glass) 3
        5317500 Screw & Plug Pack 4
        5317700 Gasket 5
    5163400 Hydrostatic Relief Valve 50mm 6
    5163900 Quiptron Main Drain Body Pilot Tube 7
    5317800 Body with Hydrostatic Valve 8


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